Roofers, Here Are Your Top 3 Complaints

Roofers, Here Are Your Top 3 Complaints

5/16/20232 min read

Roofing is a demanding job that requires hard work and specialized skills. As such, it is no surprise that roofers have their fair share of complaints and challenges. Below are the top three complaints roofers have when completing roof repair projects–and a partial solution to one of those complaints.

#1 Materials and Weather

Roofers often face challenges related to the materials they work with and the weather conditions they encounter. Materials may be of inferior quality or difficult to work with. At times, there is an issue of supply, potentially posing a challenge for roofers to obtain the materials needed to make repairs. Extreme weather can also create obstacles for roofers. Harsh wind, rain, or snow can make it dangerous or impossible to work on a roof. If a roofer does not repair a roof with correct timing between weather systems, they may have to redo their work or delay the project’s completion. These issues can be frustrating for both roofers and their clients.Roof supplements

#2 Physical Demands

Roofing is a physically demanding job that takes a toll on the body. Climbing ladders, carrying heavy materials, and working in awkward positions can lead to fatigue, injuries, and other health issues. This can be especially challenging for roofers with old injuries, chronic pain, and long-standing physical vulnerabilities. This may lead struggling roofing company owners to look to hire additional employees, where they then encounter the challenges of recruiting motivated and experienced tradespeople (continued in the following section).

#3 Recruiting & Employee Turnover

One of the most significant complaints that roofers have is twofold: 1) the difficulty of hiring tradesmen that are able to produce high quality work and 2) the high turnover rate of office staff. In recent years, only about 3% of individuals between the ages of 18 and 25 were interested in working in the construction trades. As current tradespeople become older, there are very few new workers to take on and train to replace them when they leave the roofing job force. Additionally, when an office staff member leaves, roofers must train new staff to learn the ropes, become adept at Xactimate software and understand how to properly file roofing supplements. This can be a huge hassle and a time-consuming task, taking away valuable time from completing roofing projects.

A Partial Solution to Complaint #3: Outsource Roofing Supplements

A possible solution to this issue is to outsource the writing of roofing supplements to a company like American Roof Supplements (ARS). ARS specializes in supplementing, estimating, and negotiating with insurance companies, which can save time and hassle for roofers. Outsourcing supplements to ARS allows roofers to focus on completing roofing projects while leaving the supplementing to the experts. While there are several challenges that roofers face, by addressing the top three complaints, we can improve the roofing industry. Outsourcing supplements to American Roof Supplements is one solution that can make a significant difference in the efficiency of roofing operations. Consider outsourcing your supplements to ARS today and experience the benefits firsthand.