Supplementing means the orderly addition of charges to an insurance claim. This can happen for several reasons: The estimate for replacement materials was below the actual outlay due to fluctuating commodities prices or other causes. The adjuster overlooked a damaged area during the inspection and estimate.

What is a supplement in home insurance?

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You send us all the information to get started. We need the entire Insurance Company Estimate in PDF form. We also ask for any pictures you may have and a brief description of what you believe is missing from the estimate and any concerns you may have (Price Per Sq is low, O&P, did not pay for code items, etc

We review each claim to determine if you qualify for a supplement or to see if we need more claim specific info such as pictures or measurements. There is no charge for the review process. If we need more information, it will be requested at this time.

Step 1 Claim Info

Step 2 Claim Review

Step 3 Supplement Submission

Write your We prepare our estimates using Xactimate. We include a summary of our requests in the email and notate the additional line items within the estimate. We also include any photos or documentation we have to support our supplement request.